Something More Precious Than Diamonds and Gold!
Something More Precious Than Diamonds and Gold!
Listed: 10/06/16
There’s something more precious,
Than Diamonds and Gold.
Yet, we guard it lightly.
And this, I’ve been told.
Those who don’t have it,
Would die for it, you see..
You may not believe me.
But, it’s just, being free.
Each freedom we let
A new law, pass away,
Will add up to tyranny,
Some dark, stormy day.
There won’t be much future,
Just look to the past.
At this rate our Freedom,
Never, will last!
But, you could do something.
If only you would,
Call and write, lots of letters,
Make Congress be good.
Aw, but, let the other guy do it.
I’m busy, you see.
But, I sure hope that does it,
‘Cause I love being free.
You can certainly believe this,
Because it’s true,
AMERICA’S future,
Is up to you!
Ed Gavin Jr.